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Welcome to the BAND OF RAIN website.

There have been 5 original album releases:




SUN IN VIII (2011)



September the 5th 2017 we released our 5th album "THE DUST of STARS" It features Micha Steinbacher, Ria Parfitt, Gordo Bennett, and Chris Gill .

Previews of the tracks are available to listen to on the ..Listen page. Just start at the top The Dust of Stars. Remember these are only mp3s the actual album sound is of a much better quality....We have uploaded our 5 albums on to Bandcamp now where you can download individual tracks or albums in lossless high quality FLAC files. Link is on the buy page.

Cds are now very limited stock, while there is a high demand for our downloads,  Cds are not so popular, but if the situation changes we will restock. If you specifically want a CD then email Chris

Chris Gill the founder member of Band of Rain is also the new guitarist with London band Konchordat. You can find a link to them on the links page...

We are played regularly on radio around the world, from the tiniest web station to the BBC, please let us know if you hear us and where you heard us..Thanks.

All the music is available on i Tunes etc and you can buy CD's from this website or CD Baby...links to buy should you want to, are on the buy page... iTunes is now much more widely available, so check to see if you can now get it in your country.Our music is also available on RUMBLEFISH. We are also on Spotify.

There are written reviews in several different languages here. If you would like to hear some of the interviews we have done in the past, then you will find those on the listen pages.