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Band of Rain: Press Info

The Lure of Laudanum - June 7, 2017

             The Lure of Laudanum Summer 2017


Band of Rain are releasing their 5th album The Lure of Laudanum, at the end of July 2017.

It will be available as a CD from their website at and globally through CD Baby.

Downloads will be via i tunes globally and many other reputable download sites. It will be available for streaming via Spotify etc.

Described as Progressive Rock with Gothic edges, the new album pushes ever deeper in to the gothic arena.

Band of Rain’s music is thought provoking but easy on the ear.  


Chris Gill

Chris is the founder member of Band of Rain and has written and recorded over 20 albums so far, four of which are Band of Rain: Deep Space 2004Garlands 2005Arts & Allurements 2007 and Sun in VIII 2011. Each album gets played around the world from tiny college radio stations to the BBC.

Chris is a lead guitarist first and foremost but can play a lot of other instruments. Chris has played in various bands since 1968 and has toured in the USA and across Europe.

Julie Murray Anderson

All the lyrics and vocal melodies were written and performed by Julie. She also co-wrote a lot of the music on the album, in particular the title track.  Julie’s credits include work with HawkwindHarvey Bainbridge - Sendelica & Tubilah Dog.

Steve Mills

Steve co-wrote and performed some of the lyrics as well as performing the vocals on “Love and Death in Detroit” Steve also gave invaluable advice on production throughout. Steve was a mainstay of the festival scene and worked with many bands, as well as live work with Dave Brock. Steve records his own music under the name of Tubilah Dog.

Micha Steinbacher

Micha hails from Frankfurt and plays many instruments. He also mastered the album. Micha plays bass on two of the tracks and put together the final track, Lydian Flight.

Gordo Bennett

Gordo is based in Buffalo, New York, and has a unique guitar style. Gordo was asked if he would contribute a solo for the song “Ancient Electric” He said that he would, and played the perfect solo for the song. Gordo records his own music under the title Gormusic. His space rock albums are immense.

If you would like any more information or CDs etc. please get in contact with us Band of Rain have developed a solid fan base in the Americas and Europe and are looking at


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