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The Dust of Stars Buy via CD Baby - CD

Sun in VIII From CD Baby - CD

Arts & Allurements from CD Baby - CD

Garlands from CD Baby - CD

Deep Space from CD Baby - CD

The Dust of Stars 2017 - CD Baby Downloads

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Arts & Allurements 2007 £6.00( Limited Stock) - CD

A slightly deeper more edgy album, with goth influences and a bit darker than. This album has Sharon Leslie on vocals and Billy Fleming on Drums...

The Nonexistent 2010 £10.00 (2 CD set) - Double CD

A two CD set of space music for all occassions with the exception of most weddings...The band still plays live occassionally and they are: Steve Palmer Bass and Keys - Chris Gill Guitar and Keys and Andy " Bonham " Hole on Drums...

wHiTe hOrSeS pRoJeCt - CD/Downloads

If you would like to get a copy of this album or Download it/or individual tracks...Email and we will send you links.

Band of Rain Downloads - All 5 albums

We are in the process of loading all our music on to Bandcamp in the form of high quality lossless FLACs. 

i tunes Band of Rain songs

The Dust of Stars 2017

Sun in VIII 2011

Arts & Allurements 2007

Garlands 2005

Deep Space 2004