Michael Steinbacher - Sax/Flute/Mastering/Visuals

Makin´music through the decades,it´s hard to mark all the highlights.Playin in among 30 bands with different styles,I only sumn up my favs by heart:Beginning in the early 70ties "DRAGONFLY" with my brother and the Sommerfeld broswe played early Jethro Tull stuff."LA CARTA" with strong Gentle Giant influences."PENELOPE" a fine late 70ties Progband.we stayed for years together."THE CUT","DIVA","TOM KÖHLER BAND",the early "CAMELOT"with Bob Bales and Thomas Schilling."TABOO"with Christel Pade."DON´T KILL THE TORO"a Jazz/Flamenco Fusion trio with Oliver Jaeger and Michael Boettger for about 6 years."SOPHIA"with Christel Pade and a number of session bands and free projects.Between and after all I´m recording my own music.The first concept CD was "AFRICAN SUITE"in 1998,recorded with Ra.Mielke.A few have followed,like "THE DANCES OF THE FAIRIES"(Irish influenced)and "THE BASEMENT TAPES" a sort of feature for my bass guitar,hopefully finished in the next 2 months.I started recording with BoR on the album "The Dust of Stars" playing some Keyboards,Flute,Guitar,Saxes and bass on the following albums,(not on Petrichor) and mastered them.My background is both rock and classical music.

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