Zsolt Galantai


I started my professional career in 1984 at the age of 19, in  a band called Sirokko. I then joined the band Ossian in 1986 and played on their first two L.P.s in 1988 and 1989. I toured extensively with them and also performed in the backing band for Pretty Maids, Helloween,U.D.O and Iron Maiden.I was given a set of cymbals by Nicko McBrain because he liked the way I played ! In 1990 I joined the band of Hungarian guitarist Tamas Szekeres. Touring all over Hungary and Holland.Then in 1992 I played in an English/Hungarian/Russian band called Baba Yaga who,in addition to releasing two CDs,performed across Europe including the Glastonbury Festival.We toured Europe many times.Since 1995 my focus has mainly been on being a guest musician in various styles of Hungarian and international productions.I also tested myself in other fields...Such as winning the best sound fx award at the annual E3 game exhibition in Los Angeles in 2000 - Ecco"Defender of The Future" Computer game. In addition, I worked as a Television Sound Engineer for 17 years...


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