From the recording The Sun King

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The time was ticking but not for me
As I carefully followed the path
But the grass was greener on the other side
So I went there just for a laugh
A wily crow shone his eye down on me
As I peered up over my scarf; the other day

Sometimes in the morning before I take a shower
That's when I start recalling the things the day before
I wonder as the crow flies in what seems an intentional line
Does it know where it is going or is it just pie in the sky?

The gate flew open to another world
In which the time stood remarkably still
There were birds and bees working hard on their knees
And a goat added grist to the mill
The wily crow just continued its flow
Heading straight for the top of the hill; the other way

Sometimes in the evening when I go to sleep
I think about the morning; which memories to keep
I wonder as the crow flies as it flits from here to there
Does it know where it is going or is simply unaware?

On Friday night I took a running jump
As I didn't know which way to turn
The wily crow got the better of me
As I hadn't got bridges to burn
So now I sit twiddling my thumbs
As he left me with a lesson to learn; without delay

Remember that you, over time will see
All you knew fall away
Drop away, though you hold them dear
They never come back
Won't come back, though you hold them dear
They never comeback
Once again I must say to you
That they never come back

The time was ticking...
The gate flew open...
A wily crow...
On Friday night...
The time was ticking...
A wily crow...
The gate flew open...

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