From the recording The Sun King

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Counting all the petals on a fresh daisy chain
Taking the long way home
Hoping for the sunshine in the wet pouring rain
Think I'll take a longer walk down memory lane
You're taking the long way home
Somehow all the places they're not looking the same
Taking the long way home
Have you seen the tinker with his watch on a chain?
Trying to engage the wheels of fortune and fame?

There's a man on the run with a gun in his hand
Another one behind with a catapult
Now the one with the gun points his finger at the sun
The other one behind does a somersault
Over there, up a tree you can only barely see
Twenty missionaries and three taking cortisone
You see three at the quay waving madly at the sea
And they all missed the last train home

Trying to find the only way back
Fortune and fame?
Taking the long way back
Every single shingle has a crack
Taking the long way back

There's a man with his son doing press-ups in the sand
Some children with a woman talking double-Dutch
And the son takes her hand saying; “Welcome to the band...
Come aboard”. “Yes I will I thank you very much”
Far away on a train sits a pleasant talking fiend
With a pocketful of sweets and a pick-me-up
But the strain on the brain's fallin' mainly on the plain
And they all caught the last train home

Fortune and fame?
Will we see another year?

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