1. The Sun King

From the recording The Sun King

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An instrumental track, but at the start there is narration by Norman Macbeth reading an extract from The Black Book of Carmarthen. The extract is reproduced here by kind permission of The National Library of Wales.


I am the wind that breathes upon the sea- I am the wave on the ocean - I am the murmur of the leaves rustling - I am the rays of the sun - I am the beam of the moon and stars - I am the power of trees growing - I am the bud breaking in to blossom - I am the movement of the salmon swimming - I am the courage of the wild boar fighting - I am the speed of the stag running - I am the strength of the ox pulling the plough - I am the size of the mighty oak tree - And I am the thoughts of all the people - Who praise my beauty and grace

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